Nothing is better than the best

GWZ established in 2017 (George Wang Zi) – a brand focusing on promoting culinary culture, taste and the finer things in life.

A car lunatic, fashion enthusiast,  and music lover, one of George’s most passionate hobbies is food. 

His interest in food began during his university days in the UK, as a humble student, dining out was very expensive and Chinese food was scarce.

GWZ Live‧In Style

Being home sick, George missed the food and flavours from his home town Hong Kong, and explored various markets and ingredients to rediscover these flavours and therefore started his food journey thereon.

George believes that culinary is an art, and that food is a means of communication and sharing with people you love and care,  and can bring them all closer together.  Food is not only a daily necessity, but through food, different cultures can be shared and promoted to one another, and with mutual understanding, the world can be more harmonious. 

Since 2018, George started producing cooking videos and became a WAW Creations influencer.  His videos are now regularly published on YouTube (#王子煮場) and one of Hong Kong’s most influential newspapers “Ming Pao”, including its printed exposure (with a reach of 500,000 readers per day) and their website. 

In 2019 and 2020, George was invited to host 4 episodes of a cooking show named “ 30分鐘大放餸” broadcasted on a free air television station, HK Open TV, channel 77.  Seeing the internet growth and potential in Mainland China, in 2020, George also started producing videos for the Chinese market, and opened up accounts on Tencent and Douyin which can be searched through #乔治王子的品质生活.

People like to call Hong Kong “Heaven of food” (美食天堂) and Hong Kong has been the bridging in Eastern and Western culture for over a century.  GWZ will follow suit in continuing the Hong Kong tradition and promoting east meets west.

GWZ是由 王子 於2017年創立的品牌,致力於推廣烹飪文化和享受品質生活

王子是汽車迷,亦熱愛時尚及音樂,但最偏愛的一定是美食。 王子對食物的興趣始於在英國留學期間,他是一個節儉的學生,外出就餐昂貴,而且中國菜也難找。 由於掛住屋企,思念香港的美食,他就去探索各種食材市場,以重尋這些風味,由此便開始了他的烹飪美食之旅。

王子認為烹飪是一門藝術,而食物是與您所愛所關心之人交流和分享的一種管道,可以使大家之間更為親近。 食物不僅僅是日常必需品,因為它還可以分享和促進不同的文化溝通與交流。

自2018年以來王子便開始製作烹飪視頻並成為WAW Creations的網路達人。 他的視頻現在定期在YouTube (#王子煮場) 和香港最有影響力的報紙之一《明報》上發佈,包括印刷版(每天有500,000位讀者)及其網站。

在2019年和2020年,王子曾應邀主持了名為【30分鐘大放餸】的烹飪節目,該節目在【香港開電視】免費電視台第77頻道播出。 在看到內地互聯網的發展潛力,王子還在2020年開始為中國市場製作視頻,並在騰訊視頻和抖音開設帳戶 #乔治王子的品质生活 進行搜索。

大家喜歡稱香港為「美食天堂」,而在過去這麼多年香港一直是中西方文化的橋樑。 GWZ將追尋香港傳統,促進中西方交融。